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Northeast Mississippi Traditional Music Project

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Friday, October 6, 2017 - 12:49pm


Jennifer Ford

In 2002, the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at The University of Mississippi and the Mississippi Arts Commission co-sponsored a survey of traditional music performers and venues in the northeastern corner of the state (Oxford defined the western border, and Aberdeen the southern). Wiley Prewitt, Jr. collected audio taped interviews and recordings of performances as well as photographing related images. As the blues was already well documented by scholars, the musical genres covered tended to be bluegrass and gospel. The National Endowment for the Arts' Folk and Traditional Arts Initiative provided funding. The intent of the study was to ultimately provide the foundation for a database of artists, venues, and promoters for people interested in music of the area - scholars, collectors, local arts councils, and tourists.

Featured below are images of documents from the Northeast Mississippi Traditional Music Project Collection held in the University of Mississippi Libraries' Department of Archives & Special Collections. The showcased materials include Prewitt's field notes and log notes for his interview on 9 October 2002 with musician Bryan Sparks.

Log Notes by Wiley Prewitt, Jr. for interview with musician Bryan Sparks, October 9, 2002


Field Notes by Wiley Prewitt, October 2, 2002