Picture of a copy machine
A typical library copy machine

Copy Machines in the Library

We have a number of copy machines throughout the Libraries. All library users, regardless of University affiliation are welcome to use library printers, copiers and scanners.

Paying for Copying 

Copying: Copying in the libraries is $.15 per page for black and white. Copy machines will accept your WebID card and the money is taken from your OleMiss Express account. You may also use cash at the copy machines.

Copy Machine Locations

 We do provide a stack and floor map which shows copy machine locations.

J.D. Williams Library: First Floor

  • A copy machine is located in the Information Commons, close to the Reference Desk
  • A copy machine is located near the Reference collection.

J.D. Williams Library: Second Floor

  • Two copy machines are located just around the corner from the Hydration Station, near the Women's Restroom.

J.D. Williams Library: Third Floor

  • A copy machine is located in the first study carrel next to the Graduate Reading Room.
  • A copy machine is located just around the corner from the drinking fountain, near the Women's Restroom.
  • A copy machine is located in Archives and Special Collections and is to be used only for Archives related documents.

Science Library

  • A copy machine is located just inside the entrance to the Science Library.

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