New book scanner
New SCANNX bookscanner allows scans to be sent directly to the printer, a smart phone, Google Drive or USB storage device.

Scanning in the Library

We have a number of scanners throughout the Libraries. All library users, regardless of University affiliation are welcome to use library printers, copiers and scanners.

Paying for Scanning

Scanning in the Libraries is free of charge. Some scanners allow you to email or post to a device directly from the scanner, others allow you to save to a USB storage device (flash stick or thumb drive). You will need to provide your own portable storage media.

Scanner Locations

 We do provide a stack and floor map which shows scanner locations.

J.D. Williams Library: First Floor

  • Four flat bed scanners are located in the Information Commons. Save to computer or USB storage device.
  • One flat or book scanner is located in the Information Commons. Send to printer, Google Drive, smartphone or USB storage device.
  • One flat bed scanners is located  in the computer row near the West entry stairs. Save to computer or USB storage device.

J.D. Williams Library: Third Floor

  • One flat bed scanner is located in Archives & Special Collections and is to be used only for Archives & Special Collections related documents. Email, send to printer or USB storage device

Science Library

  • One flat bed scanner is located just inside the entrance to the Science Library. Save to computer or USB storage device.

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