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Historical Mississippi county map
One of the historical Mississippi county maps.

The Mississippi Members  of Congress Database, now available to the public online, brings together information from a variety of sources concerning the 159 men who have represented the state in the Congress as territorial delegates, representatives and senators. The database includes information about party affiliation, years of service, committee memberships, leadership positions, congressional districts, and the location and size of congressional archival collections.  The database is designed for faceted searching (for example, creating a list of Democratic senators who served between 1900 and 1920) or users can simply browse the entire list.

One of the most innovative features of the database is a historical map set of Mississippi’s congressional districts which allows users to observe the changing boundaries of districts from 1917 to the present. The databases was created and designed by library faculty, Dr. Leigh McWhite and Debra Riley Huff and former library staff member, James Kelleway.  To view the Mississippi Members of Congress Database online, visit​.

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