Software available on Library Public PCs

All PCs have basic software such as Adobe Reader, Firefox, Chrome, Flash, Quicktime, VLC Media Player, and some version of Microsoft Office Suite: (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016).

Our operating systems include Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Additional software on all PCs includes: 

  • Chemdraw is a molecule editor that allows users to create chemical structures from chemical names and get accurate IUPAC names for structures. This is available on all library machines.
  • Hawkes Learning System is a math courseware application for calculus.
  • Mathematica is a software program that allows users to compute and solve mathematical formulas and equations. 
  • Graphical Analysis 3.4 allows users to produce, analyze and print graphs, data tables, text, FFTs and histograms. 
  •  Refworks Write-N-Cite

IBM SPSS is on select computers in the Information Commons.


Software available on Library Public Macs

All Macs have basic software such as Adobe Reader, Firefox, Chrome, iTunes, & Quicktime  and Microsoft Office Suite: (2011).

Additional software includes: Garage Band (audio software) and the iWorks suite: Keynote, Pages, Numbers


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